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They Came in Peace: A Day trip to Roswell, New Mexico

For Blair’s first full weekend in town we decided to check out Roswell. It was close enough to have no excuse to pass up, and the kind of place people would say “aww you should have gone” if we did. We didn’t have many expectations except for full on “hokeiness” and along the way we made a few stops so as to make the day a completely “tourist” kind of day.


Our first stop on our Day trip to Roswell was Ruidoso, where we decided to get breakfast at the Cornerstone Bakery. After a hearty meal we continued on into town to check it out and found a small event going on. We never did find out the name,but it was mostly booths with imports, tees, and knives, rather than artisan goods or crafts, but the music was good and we stuck around for a while to listen to some bluegrass.

20150606_131231_Billy the Kid Trail

A Stop-over at Fox Cave

A little further down the road was Fox Cave, a funny little roadside attraction with a mini museum and loads of rocks, fossils and geodes. Since roadside attractions like this are such an American thing, we had to take Blair, who seemed to enjoy the outdoor sculptures and novelties the most. I bought a Bawls energy drink and we were finally on our way to Roswell.

Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell was a sizable little town, though very remote. We showed up and parked pretty much right in front of the UFO Museum and went inside. We didn’t know what to expect but were not disappointed. There were dozens of accounts, info and arguments relating to the crash landing of aliens in Roswell, most of it pointed to the “it happened” angle, but the other elements of the museum took away the air of serious conspiracy and made us laugh or smile. After the museum we walked around a bit, found a good thai restaurant and soon enough it was time for the long drive home. A full day of aliens, rocks and bluegrass was accomplished!

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