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5 Star Wars Planets You Can Visit Right on Planet Earth

From racing on the back of reckless Fathiers to a show-stopping battle of good and evil on a salt planet, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was an amazing journey for any fan of the films. However, after you left the theater did you wish you could see more? Well, now you can live the Star Wars adventures in real life. Star Wars has filmed all over the world, and some of them may be closer to home than you think. Check out these otherworldly planets that you can visit right on planet Earth.


If you’ve been a Star Wars fan since the beginning, you know Tatooine as the desert planet that Anakin Skywalker once called home. This planet was destroyed by scorching suns and what better place to film a desolate planet than Death Valley, California. Take a trip to the mystical valley and walk down to the colorful area known as Artist’s Pallet. Here you can see the colorful dunes frequented by Jawas and Sand People. Maybe while you’re there you could start to feel the power of the force.


Ewoks, the cutest creatures in the Star Wars universe, prior to the introduction of Porgs, lived on the planet Endor. Endor is a forested morn that orbited the Outer Rim planet of the same name. In real life though, Endor can be found right in Northern California. If you take a hike or drive through Redwoods National Park, you can get the full forest moon experience. It’s a majestic forest full of wonder and mystery and you can really imagine life surrounded by cute little Ewoks.


Jakku is a remote desert wasteland home to thieves and lost souls. However, one lost soul living on the desolate planet is none other than Rey, the newest force user. Take a trip to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and trek to a part of the Rub’al Khali desert known as “The Empty Quarter”. Here you will find the largest continuous sand desert in the world and the home of Rey. Although it might be a trek, it’s definitely worth the visit.


If you’re looking to hide away, why not visit Luke’s secret hideout in Ahch-To. The planet was featured in both Force Awakens and Last Jedi and is a serene place for anyone looking to drop off the map. Ahch-To in real life is known as Skellig Michael in Ireland. It’s one of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and houses a monastic complex that dates to the seventh century. If you’re going to visit though, be sure to make plans early as only 13 vessels are allowed to dock on the island.

Cantonica (Canto Bight)

If you’re looking to travel to the home of glamour and luxury, you may think of visiting Hollywood. However, in the Star Wars universe, the rich and famous tend to frequent Canto Bight on the planet Cantonica. In the Last JediCanto Bight was the casino city filled with danger, money, and enslaved children that Finn and Rose visit to find the Master Codebreaker. In real life, Canto Bight was filmed in the city center of Dubrovnik, Croatia. On a trip here, you can visit all the buildings that were featured in the movie and even some sights from King’s Landing in Game of Thrones as the ancient city was crucial in the filming of HBO’s hit series.

So now that you know where to go, do visit because there simply is no reason not to. May the force be with you and have a safe trip to the movies. 


Photo by Timothy Simon on Unsplash

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