5 Star Wars Planets You Can Visit Right on Planet Earth

From racing on the back of reckless Fathiers to a show-stopping battle of good and evil on a salt planet, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was an amazing journey for any fan of the films. However, after you left the theater did you wish you could see more? Well, now you can live the Star Wars adventures in real…


Top Christmas Film Locations for the Movie Nerd in All of Us

One of the best holiday traditions is watching old school Christmas movies. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to break out the old VHS tapes and snuggle up next to the fire, old school nerd style. But what if you could do a little more this year? What if you could bring your classic…


The Nerdiest Places in the US

Do you dream of a geek-cation? One in which you can nerd yourself crazy with other like-minded folks? Well, look no further because we’ve put together a list of six of the nerdiest places to visit in the States, whether it’s gaming combined with jazz music and specialty coffee you want, or the chance to travel half…

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They Came in Peace: A Day trip to Roswell, New Mexico

For Blair’s first full weekend in town we decided to check out Roswell. It was close enough to have no excuse to pass up, and the kind of place people would say “aww you should have gone” if we did. We didn’t have many expectations except for full on “hokeiness” and along the way we made a…


New Nerds on the Road Banner!

When we first started out on the road in our 1973 Class C Van one of our goals was to find a street/graffiti artist who would tag up the van for us with the Nerds on the Road website and logo. Unfortunately we upgraded to our trailer after 6 months, a while before we really reached any big…

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Giving Some Old Devices New Life

As my old main work laptop is burning my lap, I’m still happier with it than I have been in a while. It’s a 15″ Toshiba Satellite that I paid only $550 for new at Fry’s in 2008. It was my first new laptop and first decent computer, though I had always managed with my other used…

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Eerie Indiana

We have been staying in Indiana, across the river from Louisville, in Charlestown State Park for just over a week and have had the entire 2339 acre park almost entirely to ourselves the whole time (aside from those using the boat ramp daily). This weekend there were a few people who stayed a couple of days, all quiet…

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Halloween 2010

Florida is very Halloween-worthy