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The Countryside Village of Woodchurch, Kent

Woodchurch is a quiet little village in central Kent that we visited one cloudy Sunday afternoon in April. It was one of the rare situations where parking was not an issue and everything to see can be walked to in a few minutes.
We walked past the church, not a wooden church at all actually, but as appropriately old and vine covered as you would expect a small village church to be. We walked to the windmill via a little footpath between the two town pubs (yep, they’re next door to each other) then when the weather started to turn to rain, we wandered into Six Bells ( after a short decision making process about which pub to walk in to) and found that we had chosen correctly when we found a dedicated vegetarian menu featuring at least 6 entrés. It turned out that the cook was vegetarian and we all had delicious lunches.  Sounds like a perfect afternoon in an english village in the country to me.

Woodchurch Sign, Kent England

Kent Wall

Vine Covered Wall

Kent Church Old Kent Church

Woodchurch Cemetery I love the great old cemeteries in the UK!

Woodchurch Wooden Wind Mill The 800 year old windmill.

Woodchurch Wooden Wind Mill

Woodchurch Wooden Wind Mill

Six Bells Pub in Woodchurch

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