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Wales: Chepstow, Caerphilly and Aberystwyth Castles

After we left Caerleon we backtracked west a bit to see Chepstow Castle. The hotel manager at The Roman Lodge in Caerleon had given us a list of his favorite Welsh castle’s and Chepstow was a “must see” in his opinion. Since there are over 400 castles in Wales (seriously),…

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Rain on my Windscreen

...I've know for a long time that I wanted to be more proactive in determining the direction my life took, seeing a little further ahead and not missing turns...


To start at the beginning

The Brougham was the second motorhome I looked at. The first was a 1969 Cabana - which was more like a bus than a motor home and almost 30 feet long. It was gorgeous and classic inside and out - but the owner had never driven it once.