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Fourth of July Weekend – Independence Day in Kanab, Utah

On the 4th of July we woke up mostly rested after our long day of hiking in Zion. We all have pretty nice self inflating mattress pads and only needed a minimum of blankets for the warm night. I woke up a bit earlier than everyone else at 7:30am when the sun hit the side of my tent. I would rather get up early than lie there sweating, so I woke up and got ready I partially prepared everything for that days hike after the mandatory Kanab Independence Day Parade that we specifically came to see. When everyone else woke up, we were on our way to coffee and the to find a spot downtown.

We could have camped somewhere farther from town, closer to Zion or Buckskin Gulch, but we really wanted to be in Kanab for the 4th after we were there for the summer of 2013. The size of the town and well organized events for the day were great, especially when you compare it to other towns we’ve been in like San Antonio where you literally couldn’t move in the crowds – an armpit in your face almost constantly, to little towns with very little sense of community, where nothing much goes on at all.

Kanab is definitely an exception to many small towns, everyone knows everyone, everyone is pretty friendly – even to tourists, and the downtown is actually active and lively. The city park is green and well used as well. After the parade, everyone goes up to the park for a vendor fair, foam party and other activities that go on all day until the fireworks start at 9:30. This year, instead of going to the park after the parade, we went for a hike (next blog) but the parade did not disappoint, nor did the evening’s fireworks.

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