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Weego Mobile Bike Charger

unnamed Weego, innovator of portable jump starters and rechargeable battery packs, is quickly emerging as the premier portable power brand across specialty retailers throughout the U.S. The Weego Jump Starter Battery+ line, including accessories, are powering the automotive, powersports, motorcycle, outdoor and marine industries. Weego is the ideal tool for all drivers, bikers, off-road trailblazers, and boaters by eliminating the need for jumper cables, bulky jump packs or calling for a tow. Worrying about dead batteries is a thing of the past – high-quality, ultra-convenient, portable power is in! And when we say power, we mean power, as in jumping a 500 cubic-inch, big-block engine.
Of the three Jump Starter Battery+ models available, the Professional model can jump start gas engines up to 9.6L (4.8L diesel). Now that’s big power! Plus, Weego jump starters are incredibly long-lasting – created to withstand 1,000 charging cycles and losing only 2 to 5 percent charge per month when stored. All models feature a built-in flashlight to help you see through the jump and the two largest models have SOS and strobe light functions for emergencies.

Outside of emergencies on the road or water, Weego is there no matter what. Jump Starter Battery+ will also charge anything with a USB port: phones, speakers, tablets, etc. And the two largest models also charge laptops. No more excuses traveling salesperson!

“Since launching in 2014, thousands of motoring enthusiasts, from mom to mechanic have been turning to Weego as the go-to jump starter for their power needs. It’s that kind of excitement that is helping us become a top brand in the marine, powersports, outdoor and auto markets,” said Gerry Toscani, CEO of Weego. “Consumers turn to us for the convenience, safety and reliability promised by our products. All of our Jump Starter Battery+ models are so compact, they can fit in your pocket, in your glovebox or under your bike’s seat. So with Weego, you can ‘ditch the cables Mabel’ and your heavy, bulky, jump pack. You’ll never have to call for a tow again!”

Weego is committed to safety and quality. Lithium battery products have been in the news a lot lately with all the frightening implications of transporting, storing and in general, simply using them. Lithium-powered jump starters are no exception, particularly since many have flooded the U.S. market in the past few years with sub-par, poor quality batteries and questionable safety protections. Good batteries aren’t cheap and cheap batteries aren’t good.  So why take chances?  Weego takes great pride in the overall quality of every one of their jump starters. Their in-house engineers and independent labs monitor the manufacturing process and test them to ensure they are made to the highest quality and performance standards. Weego products may not be the least expensive on the market, but they are guaranteed to be the best value around. This quality commitment is backed by their crazy-long, 18-month warranty.

Starting at $99 SRP, Weego Jump Starter Battery+ is very affordable, paying for itself with just one use. Weego is available throughout the U.S. in marinas, auto and motorcycle dealerships, boat service and supply shops, sporting goods and outdoor outfitters, in addition to online retailers.


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