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Sand in My Throttle

So, we were going ok..o.k….riding in the sand in Page, Arizona. It was strange at first, a little fun, sometimes very unnerving. In the deeper stuff it felt like the bike was swimming and if you went anything near slow, you would start to lose it in all types of sand we encountered. I (Kat) dropped my bike a couple times, trying to turn around at a slow speed of course ( I need to work on my upper body strength the most I think). I have about 1 good bike pickup by myself before I’m spent.

Well after a few times of riding in the sand we decide to go on a longer ride in a big open area of the desert. We go for a couple miles before we get stopped at a wash crossing. It’s deep to go down into it, narrow, and the bottom of it was thick, deep, sand. We opt to turn around rather than get stuck in a sandy pit. We turn around and head back when we see a couple 4 wheelers struggling to get up a hill. I know that at the top of the hill is a dirt road which would lead to roads in town, so I decide we should take a shortcut and try out a sandy hill climb.

I’m about half way up when the sand starts to get much deeper, I lose all my speed and momentum, my bike starts to swerve around a bit but I manage to get it stopped sideways without losing it, however, the bike is revving like crazy as if I’m on the throttle hard. I have the clutch pulled in, but I’m still thoroughly confused and of course.. I’ve completely forgotten about the kill switch. I let the bike fall, thinking it will stall but no, the back tire is off the ground and it’s still revving hard. I go to step over it so I don’t burn myself and my right foot goes into the spinning tire.. just for a second, but long enough to wack the living hell out of it. I turn the bike off and sit on it while it lies on the ground.. my ankle shooting pain. It’s sprained for the second time in a year, but luckily this was a minor sprain that only lasted about 9 days, compared to the last one where I was in a boot for 6 weeks (almost as long as my broken leg) and it’s all thanks to my Alpinestar Tech 3 Riding Boots. My old boots were called the “ankle breakers” due to their sorted history and I’m so glad I finally got some real boots.

The reason for the crazy revving? SAND in my throttle tube. We cleaned it up and went out and got new covers that day.



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