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The Nerds on the Road are made up of two nerdy humans and several nerdy little animals who love to travel and explore everything they can. We live full time in our 2013 5th wheel toy hauler, traveling the US, and sometimes going overseas.
We love sci-fi movies and tv, retro video games (and new ones) and getting outdoors as much as possible. We often spend weeknights after work with our pets, a gaggle of geeky little fur-balls of personality, who keep us and each other entertained.

Weekends is when we really get to explore and we try and get out of town and into the forests and wilderness, hiking, canoeing, tent camping, and caving as much as we can. Because we work weekdays, we tend to stay places for at least a month to get in a couple weekends of fun. It’s the best way to save on rent as well and we get to know an area better than just a 2 day stay. 

ross_muculloughRoss Anderson: I left the UK in 2003 after graduating from college majoring in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering and to Portland but found it hard as hell to get any work as a software developer. Instead I worked as a sound engineer for 6 months while… read more
Amber ‘Kat’ Anderson: I’m a photographer, web designer, graphic designer, crafter and blogger who hasn’t really stopped moving since 2005. I run Lost Kat Photography, selling my travel photography, most of the places we blog about can be found there. I also run TheNerdy.Ninja, offering web design services. For the last 10 years I have been working exclusively for myself and a small group of clients…. read more
Andre first day home
Andre the Giant: I’m Andre the Giant, a rescued cat from the Coconino animal Shelter in Flagstaff. Ross and Amber picked me up at a Pet Smart on a routine trip for canned cat food for Susa. Susa has been a lonely cat, so we thought she could use a friend…. read more
Susa says hi to Ross
Susa the cat!: I’m Susa Ataris, a rescued cat from the New Orleans animal Control. Ross and Amber picked me up at a Pet Smart on a routine trip for dog food. They couldn’t resist my sweet little paw at the glass…. read more
Sherlock the Schnauzer Mix: This is Sherlock. We picked her up at a rescue event in Oklahoma City March 2014. She goes on hikes with us on the weekends and is surprisingly agile for a 20lb dog. She’s not afraid of anything (except some large dogs) and loves to chase furry little animals… read more

Hooking up for the first time at Century RV in Longmont Colorado
Our Torque Toy Hauler: After the destruction of our Rockwood trailer, we spent a few more months in a cabin in Colorado before deciding the weather was nice enough to shop for a new home. We couldn’t wait to get back on the road and found just the 5th wheel we wanted in Denver!… read more
Truck and trailer at Tiger Run
R.I.P. // Our Bumper Pull Rockwood: After 6 months on the road we decided to keep traveling and do it in comfort. We upgraded to a 32ft trailer and a dually truck while in New Orleans for a few months, unfortunately, 3 years later a tree in Colorado decided it was time for us to upgrade and crushed our poor trailer … read more
R.I.P. // Our former, former house: I’m a 1973 Dodge Brougham RV. I was bought from a man in Gresham, OR for $900. He was my second owner and not the greatest. He let the rain leak in and didn’t do any maintenance but overall I survived. I was finally traded for some merch after I started to have major mechanical issues… read more

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