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The Homebody’s Guide To Getting on the Road


While there’s nothing wrong with loving that comfortable couch and Netflix, the second highest regret, according to a survey, is not being more adventurous. For those who have never set their feet out of their fluffy pajamas or taken a trip across state, the idea can seem both daunting and exhilarating at the same time. The key to the trip of a lifetime, however, is to have a destination in mind, but to make the trip about the journey.


Plan Some, Adventure More

While it may seem like a good idea to pack an overnight bag, your goldfish, a few rusks from the pantry and some Gatorade into your ‘93 Fiat Punto, you’re going to wish you’d given it more thought when you hit Route 66. It may involve a few gallons of extra water, some sunscreen, and an extra can of fuel, but the rest should pretty much be left to the journey. While the end destinations should be left with a loved one the event of an emergency, everything in between should be filled with adventure; whether it’s stopping on the side of the road to admire epic scenery, having a stargazing session in the middle of the desert, or simply supporting some local craftsmen in one of the smaller towns along the way. The best memories are often those that aren’t attached to a rigid schedule, as this gives the freedom to live in the moment.



Get Those Wheels Checked Out

Whether you’re traveling in your trusted Punto or managed to get your hands on an SUV with all the bells and whistles, it’s vital to send it for necessary checks to ensure safety on the trip. This includes the usual oil changes and tire checks, but may need a little more for trips that take you out of different climates for instance those who wish to do the Yukon to Acapulco. It’s also important to pay attention to manufacturer’s requests such as recalls or special servicing requirements to avoid serious car safety defects causing frustration during that long road trip.


Take Along A Trusted Companion

There is nothing like the road trip of a lifetime when it’s shared with someone special. Not only does a companion provide much-needed conversation during the long stretches, they also share in the joys of new discoveries. The ultimate road trip is not so much about the destination, but rather the memories created along the way. Whether this is stargazing in the middle of the desert with a roaring fire and sleeping bags, or watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky in the freezing temperatures of the northern regions.

Before heading out, remember to leave copies of important documents with a family member or friend, and also a copy of the itinerary in case of an emergency. While food supplies, cash, and a car that’s rearing to go make up the bulk of the requirements for that road trip, the desire for adventure is possibly the biggest requirement to make it epic.


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