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When you’re on the road, it’s difficult to avoid fast food. 20% of all meals in America, are eaten in the car – and the majority of these are not healthy choices. Taking a road trip in an RV isn’t about getting somewhere fast. It’s about enjoying the experience along the way. The same philosophy should apply to eating – it’s not about consuming fast food quickly. Look for alternative choices when you’re on the road, and enjoy the experience.

Healthy camp food ideas

Barbecues don’t have to always mean burgers and sausage links, eating well when you are camping is easy. Veggie fajitas is a really tasty idea for an easy healthy meal. Season peppers, onions, mushrooms with salt, pepper, cumin and chili powder. Cook them over a hot flame, and pile them into tortillas, with some avocado and salsa. If you’re still craving a burger, how about using halloumi as an alternative to a meat patty? It cooks on the camping stove really quickly, and is delicious and filling. Eating vegetarian food on your RV trip is quick and simple, and good for you.

Take a good snack pack

Before you leave for your road trip, make yourself a healthy snack pack. Look for foods that are rich in protein and fiber. Portion up seeds, nuts, raisins other dried fruit into baggies. They are a better option than high-calorie dips and chips. Fill your cooler with fresh fruit and veggies like carrot sticks, that you can dip in hummus. Wholegrain crackers and pots of olives are delicious and tasty too, and you can eat them with individual slices of cheese. You can even take portions of salad in Tupperware or mason jars to eat with dinner.

Picking from restaurant menus

If you eat out in a restaurant, diner, or cafe, look over the menu properly. The vegetarian and vegan options are often the healthiest. In smaller towns it’s getting more and more common to see things like veggie burgers, lasagna, soups and more on the menu. Even many fast food restaurants are now carrying vegan patties, McDonalds, Burger King and White Castle to name a few. Try and avoid sides like fries and onion rings, and instead ask for a mixed salad or seasonal vegetables.

There are 35,000 branches of McDonald’s in America. But you don’t have to visit a single one on your RV road trip. Take your camping stove or BBQ and a cooler, and you can prepare some delicious, healthy food every day.


Photo by Gabrielle Cepella on Unsplash


Featured Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash


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