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Italian Bar Road Ride, Central California


Having sort of learned to hate sand in Page, we just weren’t very excited about it, nor the 90 degree heat, when we were outside Joshua Tree. It’s ok though, we made up for it when we reached Angel’s Landing, and found that not only was the weather much cooler but the sun was going down after 8pm! We could work a full day and still have a few hours to ride.


We were only in the area for 2 weeks due to the RV parks filling up for the season, and the weekend was reserved for Yosemite and Big Trees State Park. We still managed to get out a few evenings and ride around the area, finding a particularly cool road called Red Hill Road as a shortcut to avoid the highways. It’s a one lane road (rare in the US) that saunters through farmland, going from paved to gravel and back to paved again before dumping us out either next to the RV park or on a 45mph road that leads to Columbia.

We found out about Italian Bar road from a local at a saloon in Columbia. It was nearby and lead into the national forest outside Columbia so went back one evening and did as much as we could before having to head back to camp.

We thoroughly enjoyed the views, both in the farmland and in the National Forest. Everything about the Sierra Nevadas is beautiful!


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Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California

Due to many things out of our control, we were forced to skip Sequoia National Park. Many of the RV parks had reviews that included warnings about length, due to trees or roads, others were just full and could only give us a few…

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Angels Camp RV Park and Surrounding Area

Angel’s Camp RV Park is a great little place just on the edge of the Sierra Mountain town of, you guessed it, Angel’s Camp, however its proximity to tons of great little towns and sites is the real draw – unless of course…

Bridalveil Fall
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Yosemite National Park in the Rain

There’s no doubt in my mind that Yosemite is beautiful no matter the weather, but we were perfectly satisfied with seeing it on a cloudy and occasionally rainy day. It was surprisingly cold, but light rain jackets were fine and Sherlock didn’t seem to…


Flagstaff Lava Tube Hike – Lava River Cave

Just outside of Flagstaff, far into the forest, is a hole in the ground that goes on for nearly a mile. There are no exits, a lot of cold stale air, and coincidentally, enough room for adults to walk upright 80% of the…

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TBT: Angel’s Landing Trail, Zion National Park

Throwback Thursday needs a purpose around here, and I have a LOT of unfinished blogs waiting to be written. For this segment, we’ll go back to an awesome hike in Zion National Park in 2013. Nothing ever seems that long ago, maybe because…

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Page, Arizona and Horseshoe Bend

When it came time to move out of the cabin, we had already started planning to get a U-Haul trailer. This proved a hard decision in itself due to both the potential for snow storms that time of year, ice that remained on the steep…